Wednesday, November 25, 2015

26. Is That Who I Think He Is?: ALFIE ANIDO, for ROYCO

Alfonso “Alfie” Anido (b. 30 Dec. 1959) was the son of Bert and Sarah Serrano Anido of Makati. The youngster’s cute mestizo features were apparent at an early age, so much so that he was cast to appear in a Royco Noodle Soup omnibus print ad in 1964, that featured the Chicken and Beef flavor variants.

Continental Royco Soups were produced by Philippine Refining Company, where Alfie’s father was a young executive. Touted as the “Philippine’s Favorite Soups”, the leading 1960s instant soup brand came in trademark foil pouches.

YOUNG ALFIE, age 5, already a professional advertising model.
Anido spenct his grade school at the Ateneo, where Pres. Pnoy Aquino was a batchmate. He was very much into sports, and qualified for the football varsity team. He also continued to appear in many TV commercials. Producers soon came knocking on Anido’s door.

He became a member of the Regal Babies, contract stars of Regal Films who made teen-oriented films. He found fame in the now-classic “Temptation Island” (1980) where he teamed up with Dina Bonnevie. His other films included Katorse, Waikiki (1980), Blue Jeans (1981) and The Diary of Cristina Gaston, released posthumously in 1982.

Model, Actor, 30 Dec. 1959- 30 December 1981.
His shooting death on 30 December 1981 at their Bel-Air home, which happened after an incident at his birthday party with  Katrina Ponce Enrile in Batangas, was reported as self-inflicted. Anido was just 22.  Rumors persisted for years about the alleged involvement of the Enriles but nothing has been proven. This 41-year old Royco print ad is a visual documentation of Anido's  budding showbiz career beginnings, which tragically ended early.

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