Sunday, November 8, 2015

19. Relax Lang, Basta MARVEL!

Marvel is a detergent powder brand developed by Philippine Detergent Products, introduced sometime in 1967. Its claim to fame is that Marvel “cleans like magic”, allowing the housewife more time to relax.
MARVEL ‘RELAX LANG’. Nida Blanca and Elizabeth Ramsey
in a crowd pleaser spoofing Marvel’s introductory campaign theme.

The introductory campaign was created around the slogan “Relax Lang, Basta Marvel”, in a TVC starring the late comedienne Elizabeth Ramsey and Nida  Blanca.

From “Relax Lang” to “Ay, Mali!” –Marvel advertising keeps adding colorful phrases to the language of the man on the street. The “Ay, Mali” slogan has been directly responsible for the birth of a new television sitcom.

Another catchy, jingle-based TV was launched in the early 70s with “Basta Marvel, damit ay Marvelin!”, starring Moody Diaz, who portrayed Aling Otik in the popular sitcom, Tisoy.

AGENCY: Atlas Marketing Promotions & Marketing Corp.
ADVERTISER: Philippine Detergent Products


  1. Where did you get the film featuring the old Marvel TV commercial of the late Nida Blanca and Elizabeth Ramsey (the 2nd photo in this post)?

  2. From an Atlas Promotion anniversary supplement published with a magazine.

  3. Where can I get a copy of this TV commercial? What has happened "pala" to Philippine Detergent Products? What caused their bankruptcy?

    P.S.: Happy new year!