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30. Where Are They Now?: KIKO, SHAIRA, JAMES, The Promil Kids of 1995

the gifted prodigies featured in the 1995 Promil TVC that engaged millions of 
viewers with their  precociousness and knowledge beyond their years:
PIX: Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle
In the 1995, one of the leading pre-school milk formulas of Wyeth Philippines—PROMIL—was launched using gifted children to illustrate the supportive benefits of a nutritious milk. Three child prodigies were chosen to appear in the commercial:  Kiko Galura, James Flores and Shaira Luna.


No more than 8 years old when the commercials were produced, the three kids each had a vignette that showed them at their exceptional best: Kiko reciting a poem in profound Filipino, James discussing the movements of the planets in the solar system, and little Shaira explaining aspects of the human anatomy.

Two decades after the memorable “Trio” commercial was launched and sold millions of Promil cans. Kiko, Shaira and James recently surfaced for a special Promil reunion that gave us great follow-up stories of their lives as adults. The Promil Kids continue to live up to their names as exceptionally gifted individuals who have found varying success in their chosen careers.
FRANCISCO "KIKO" GALURA, the poet in the Promil commercial, is
now a publisher of books and literary works, after a stint with an ad agency.
PIX: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle
Kiko Galura remained true to his portrayal of a literary savant by finishing his communication course and becoming an advertising creative. Later, he joined the publishing industry and is now an accomplished publisher of poetry books, stories, essays and other literary works.
JAMES FLORES, the astronomy expert in the Promil commercial is working
hisway to earning a master in clinical psychology degree. He moonlights as a
music teacher and espouses and advocacy for gifted children like himself.
PIX:Philippine daily Inquirer, Lifestyle
James Flores, now 26, earned a Psychology degree and is now pursuing his master in clinical psychology, which he hopes to put in good use to help gifted children hone their talents and skills. On the side, he also teaches music.
SHAIRA LUNA, who discoursed on the human anatomy in the Promil ad is
 now a sought-after fashion photographer for  various lifestyle publications.
PIX: Philippine daily Inquirer, Lifestyle
Shaira Luna, now 28, parlayed his photography hobby into a successful career in fashion photography, a field where she is much sought after. Her stylish photographs have graced the glossy pages of premiere lifestyle magazines of the country.
KIKO, SHAIRA and JAMES, the Promil Kids, reunited.
The trio formerly known as Promil Kids whose achievements were celebrated in that commercial of twenty years ago,  have certainly lived up to expectations, “inspiring a new generation of giftedness”.  

Gifted Children of the 90s: Where Are They Now? 
Nurturing Giftedness for a New Generation, 

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