Sunday, November 15, 2015

22. Brand Names That Became Everyday Pinoy Words #1: RUGBY Boy Ka?


Rugby Contact Cement is the first brand of synthetic rubber-based contact all-purpose cement manufactured in the Philippines since 1953.It is such a strong market leader that it is the top-of-mind choice of handymen in repairing everything from rubber shoes, ceramics, glassware, leather items, leaking pipes, glueing vinyl tiles and making school projects.  Packaged in cans featuring a ball-wielding rugby player, the product was distributed by Pacmac Machinery and Merchandising Co. Inc, along Aurora Blvd. The name has become so popular that all rubber cements are--most often than not--called "Rugby" by customers.

But today "Rugby" has come to mean an addictive rubber solvent used by a gang of street children who have discovered the aromatic properties of this product that has the ability to give them a "high". "Rugby Boys:, as they are called, out the solvent inside a plastic bag and inhale the substance to achieve euphoria.

So when someone asks you if you use "Rugby", think twice--they might be referring to your strange behavior, and not to your funny rubber shoes!

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