Monday, November 2, 2015

17. MAGNOLIA FROZEN DELIGHTS: Dream Flavors Come True!

Magnolia Dairy Products have been delighting kids with solo servings of popsicles, ice cream cups and sticks, sold individually. In 1968, decided to launch these novelties collectively as MAGNOLIA FROZEN DELIGHTS during the summer season. The first seven flavors included: Drumstick, Chocolate-Pinipig Crunch, Chocolate Bar, Twin Popsies, Caramel-Pinipig Crunch, Choco-Van Bar and Ice Cream Sandwich.

The campaign made use of popular Fairy Tale Characters, like Aladdin and His Lamp and Little Red Riding Hood. launched in illustrated full-color ads on magazines like the Sunday Times.

In the summer of 1969, the orange-flavored Icicle joined the FROZEN DELIGHTS roster, increasing the selections to eight.

The print campaign deviated briefly from the fairy tale theme in late 1969 to capitalize on the Moon Landing of Apollo 11--an event which was worldwide news. An "Out-of-this-World" version was quickly created by the agency to ride on the lunar craze.

The next year, it was back to "Cinderella" for FROZEN DELIGHTS, an apt visual theme for these Magnolai favorites which made all our "dream flavors come true!"

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