Friday, August 11, 2017

123. Punong-puno ng Sarap: MAGNOLIA SORBETES, 1983

1983 was a period of turmoil in the Philippines, marked by destructive typhoon Bebeng, a major earthquake in Luzon , and the killing of Marcos opposition leader Ninoy Aquino in August that would catalyze protests all over the country, culminating in the People Power Revolution.  

It was against this uncertain backdrop that Magnolia launched its MAGNOLIA SORBETES, a line of local flavors that are sure to please, generously filled with chunky fruit bits, and other tasty ingredients--"punong-puno ng sarap!"

There were four initial flavors—Halo Halo Fiesta, Queso Rico, Ube Macapuno and Fruit Salad—all familiar favorites, as the product concept aimed to replicate popular, sought-after “sorbetes” flavors  that one could easily pick from a cart from one’s friendly neighborhood sorbetero.

The  launch materials included a full color introductory ad and a jingle-based TV commercial that featured mouthwatering food and consumption shots, and employing showbiz personalities like Toby Alejar, actor/model Marty Merino and dancer Ida Ramos.


In 1996, SMC went into joint venture with Nestle that resulted in the Magnolia-Nestle Corp. Two years later, SMC withdrew but Nestle continued producing  ice cream under the Sorbetes name. In 2004, after a 10-year absence, Magnolia Ice Cream returned to the market with its classic ice cream products. Magnolia Sorbetes was promoted by its food supplier arm (Great Food Solutions)  but its present website no longer lists the Sorbetes brand in its product portfolio.

Magnolia Sorbetes picture inset:
Magnolia Sorbetes TV Ad: uploaded by Marty Merino, 9 Oct. 2007:

Sunday, August 6, 2017

122. The Face That Refreshes: SUSAN ROCES, Celebrity Endorser of the 1950s-60s.

COCA COLA COUPLE. Susan Roces appears in one of her earliest ads, with love team Bernard Bonnin, for Coca Cola's 50th Anniversary. 1957.

 Queen of the Philippine  Movies, SUSAN ROCES (born Jesusa Purificación Levy Sonora,  28 Jul. 1941 in Bacolod) began her movie career at age 8, when she was cast in the movie “Mga Bituin ng Kinabukasan”  by Nepomuceno Productions.

SUSAN ROCES in a Philippine Charity Sweepstake color print ad, 1960

Dr. Jose Perez, Sampaguita Pictures’ big boss “re-discovered” her as a teen beauty, when she was already in Manila, an interna of La Consolacion College. She passed her screen test and was given the screen name “Susan Roces” (after Susan Magalona and the Roces Publications).

.SUSAN ROCES does a LAVORIS Mouthwash and Gargle print ad, 1961.

 First introduced in “Miss Tilapia” and “Bokingera (Daw)” (1956), Roces would rise to become one of the most celebrated and influential actresses of the 60s era, especially when she went free-lance, acclaimed as the queen of Tagalog cinema, for such movies as “Susan, Susay Susie”, “Susanang Daldal”,  (1962), “Bayan Ko, Lumaban Ka” (1965), “Maruja” (1967), “Divina Gracia” (1970)  “Patayin mo sa Sindak si Barbara” (1974). She would win a back-to-back Best Actress Famas award for “Maligno” (1978), and “Gumising ka , Maruja” (1979).
SUSAN ROCES for LIFEBUOY SOAP, with Romeo Vasquez, 1960

Roces reached a milestone  in her career  when she married widow of Fernando Poe Jr.[, who left her a widow in 2004.  Daughter Grace Poe is a senator. On TV, Roces was in “John en Shirley”, an ABS-CBN comedy show until October 2007. She currently is still in the top rating “FPJ: Ang Probinsyano” series which began in 2015.

At her peak, Roces was avidly sought by companies for endorsements—from Coca Cola to beauty and personal products like Lux. Now regarded as an icon of Philippine movies, the much-loved and respected actress continues to appear in TV commercials for such products as RiteMed and Champion. Then, as now, Susan Roces has the face that refreshes, and a voice that sells.


Susan Roces, First Lady and Eterenal Queen of Philippine Movies,