Sunday, March 6, 2016

49. Brand Names That Became Everyday Pinoy Words #2; JOE BUSH DYE (Dyobus)

JOE BUSH DYER & CLEANER, 1930s Print Ad. 

In 1899, American JOE BUSH put up a clothes cleaning and dyeing at Plaza Sta. Cruz, Manila. The shop simple bore his name and the slogan: “Take That Stain to JOE BUSH—The Cleaner and Dyer That Pleases”. 

 But it was the dyeing service that proved to be so popular that by the 1920s, the proprietor emphasized that specialty service by branding his shop “Joe Bush Dyer & Cleaner”. The shop also sold dye powder in paper sachets bearing his name, for easy do-it-yourself coloring projects at home.

Another early Joe Bush print ad, from 1916

As late as the psychedelic tie-dyed 1970s, people called commercial powder dyes as “dyobus”, an unconscious tribute to the man who colored our world!

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