Wednesday, January 27, 2016

43. Is That Who I Think She Is? ALMA MORENO for TUSSY LOTION

ALMA MORENO, then, Vanessa Laxamana, age 16, a perfect model
for Tussy Lemon Hand & Body Lotion Print Ad, Woman's Home
Companion magazine. 1975.

Erstwhile movie star-politician ALMA MORENO was in the news recently--owing to her awkward interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila. But indeed, she has come a long way--from being a sexy teen sensation to becoming a senatorial candidate for the 2016 elections.

VANESSA LAXAMANA, the future Alma Moreno.
She was born Vanessa Lacsamana on 25 May 1959, daughter of Frank Lacsmana of Macabebe and Jean Moreno,

Before she starred in her breakout film "Ligaw na Bulaklak", she actually dabbled in commercial modelling--and we have this 1975 print ad for TUSSY hand and Boy Lotion Print ad as proof of her auspicious promise as as future star sensation.

Perfectly cast, the future Alma Moreno possessed a face that exuded beautiful innocence, that seemed incongruous to her nubile, voluptuous and flawless body,

When she was discovered for the movies barely a year after her Tussy ad,  this seeming mismatch--of sexiness and innocence--was played up to the hilt in the aforementioned "Ligaw na Bulaklak, part 2". She was just 16. The movie was big hit and it was followed by another blockbuster, the delicious "Eva Fonda, 16". 
From then until the late 1980s, Moreno starred in a number of revealing movie hits, earning her the title "Sex Goddess of Philippine From then till the 80s, she starred in a number of revealing movie hits, earning her the title,"Sex Goddess of Philippine Movies". Her other notable films include "City After Dark", "Mga Bilanggong Birhen".

Moreno became a TV star too, a headliner in the acclaimed drama series, "Alindog" and in variety shows like "The Other Side of Alma" and " Loveli-Ness",which showcased her dancing talent,

Moreno was a 2-term elected councilor of Paranaque.  She joined United Nationalist Alliance of Vice-President Jejomar Binay, and in 2015, Moreno filed her candidacy for a slot in the Senate under UNA.

Moreno had a son--Mark Anthony--with the late action star, Rudy Fernandez. Her relationship with Dolphy resulted in a son, Van Dolph.

She later married actor-politician Joey Marquez with whom she had 4 children: Yeoj, Winwyn, VJ, and adopted daughter, Em-Em. After the annulment of their marriage in 2004, she wed Sultan Fahad "Pre" Salic, Mayor of Marawi City in 2009 which ended in a divorce in 2014.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Alma Moreno was also the endorser of Dazzle Shampoo (Ang shampoo ng mga artista), together with fellow stars Amy Austria, Al Tantay, Vilma Santos, Jay Ilagan, and Gina Alajar. Please post this in an upcoming article, alongside with another shampoo brand called "Prell." Thanks.

  2. Yes, that was when she was already a well-known movie star.