Saturday, October 31, 2015

14. To Die Is To Rest: LOYOLA MEMORIAL PARK ADS, 1966

For All Saints Day 2015, let's take a look-back at the print ads of  LOYOLA MEMORIAL PARK, a private-owned memorial park set on a sprawling area of 36,000 sq. meter land along Bonifacio Ave. in Marikina. It was developed in 1965, making Loyola the oldest, and one of the biggest and most prominent memorial parks not only in Metro Manila but also in the Philippines.

In 1966, Loyal Memorial park ran print ads that tastefully did a soft-sell of its memorial plans and programs using age-old Filipino memorial traditions:

 "Patapos" or "pa-siyam"  a custom where friends and families gather to culminate 9 nights of prayer for a departed loved one.

The other is "Babang-Luksa", the passing of the one-year mourning period. The black clothes worn by women are tucked away so clothes of color could be worn again.

This time-honored tradition signifies our resignation to bereavement and our renewed faith in tomorrow.

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