Monday, May 23, 2016

61. Promotional Premiums: CAFE PURO FOLK DANCE GLASSES, 1967

INSTANT CAFE PURO FOLK DANCE GLASS PROMO, Launch Print Ad, featured the ceremonial dance of the Maranaos, called "Singkil". It was popularized by the world-famous Bayanihan Dance Troupe. 1967.

Cafe Puro Folk Dance Glasses
INSTANT CAFE PURO was a product of the original Commonwealth Foods Inc. that was founded in 1951. 

It produced ground coffee beginning in 1952 and in 1956, ComFoods Inc. opened the country’s first instant and soluble coffee manufacturing plant. 

Café Puro—known for its brewed coffee taste—became its flagship brand. By the 60s, Cafe Puro was an established local coffee brand that became very popular nationwide.

In 1967, flavor-rich Instant Café Puro, launched a promotion that promised to bring exciting news to your coffee table. Café Puro was packaged in crystal glasses tastefully decorated with Folk Dance designs in various colors.

There was a selection of 12 dances to choose from, from Singkil, Maglalatik, Pandanggo sa Ilaw to more exotic dances like Tahing Baila and Bontoc War Dance. 

Instant Café Puro’s Folk dance promo proved to be a hit—consumers started collecting the durable glasses illustrated with folk dances made popular by the world-renowned Bayanihan Dance Troupe.

Later in the year, after giving away these beautiful glasses, Instant Café Puro offered Party Pitchers and Beverage Shakers that replicated the folk dance designs of the glasses.  These premiums were available in all variants: Le Cafe, Soluble Café Puro and Instant Café Puro.

Today, these Café Puro Folk Dance Glasses  can be found in collectible shops and thrift stores—still collectible after all these years. They make better freebies than those pricey mugs that today's brewed coffee shops sell--all you get is their company logo. In 1967, you get to drink and dance with Instant Cafe Puro!

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