Tuesday, April 19, 2016

55. MILKMAID's "Grow Tall Little Man" TVC with NIÑO MUHLACH

"GROW TALL, LITTLE MAN..". A very young Nino Muhlach appears as a celebrity endorser for Milkmaid Condensed Milk. ca. mid 70s. Source: Dekada Collectibles.

MARCA SENORITA. Milkmaid ad, 1962.
Milkmaid is another old milk brand that was here in the Philippines as early as the 1920s, imported by Nestle & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. 

Because the paper label featured a milkmaid in costume, it was often referred to as Señorita Milk (in the same way that another Nestle milk—Bear Brand—was known locally as Marca Oso).

 In 1955, Milkmaid was bought by Filipro Inc. which produced and marketed it locally.

Initially, Milkmaid print ads appeared on family and women’s magazines. 

When TV became an important medium in the ‘70s, Milkmaid found its talent in the person of the popular Boy Wonder of showbiz—the precocious and adorable Niño Muhlach (b.27 Oct. 1971).


Niño came from a showbiz family—his father, Alvaro Muhlach was the brother of Amalia Fuentes; her mother, Rebecca Rocha, was an occasional actress.

Smart, smart-alecky and talkative at an early age, Niño was first seen on TV trading repartees with variety show host Ariel Ureta. He was just 3 when he shot his first film, May Lalaki sa Ilalim ng Tulay. He would go on to make many more hits when his very own D’Wonder Films was put up by his enterprising parents.


Filipro’s ad agency, Advertising and Marketing Associates, signed him up for a commercial that promised boys who had a “lot of growing to do”, to “grow tall” with Milkmaid. The commercial was shot in a day and really had no script—just little Niño doing his cute moves in a park—doing his exercises, jogging and martial art moves, plus some gratuitous Milkmaid drinking shots, of course.

Mother Rebecca even had a cameo role. Folk singer Gus Aldeguer provided the vocals and guitar accompaniment for the John Denver-ish jingle that tied all the scenes together.

As expected, Niño’s Milkmaid TV appearance created a lot of buzz. Alas, the jokes would come in years later after the boy wonder reached puberty—and stopped growing. 

A case of an overpromise? 

Maybe, but some wisecracks insist that Niño grew—or more accurately, expanded horizontally—so Milkmaid told the truth after all!


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