Tuesday, December 1, 2015

28. The Many Extended Uses of SILVER SWAN SOY SAUCE

 What do you do to sustain interest in a soy sauce brand that's been No. 1 for years? Why, think of new ways to enjoy it! So, this "extended usage" print campaign for the popular brand Silver Swan Soy Sauce was cooked up by its ad agency and launched in 1970. The ad series featured suggested unusual pairings for Silver Swan and another food item--like mango and soy sauce. As the series progresses, the pairings become a bit weirder...and too much for my palate. But as they say...it's a matter of taste! What do you think?

SILVER SWAN with Pakwan. Hmmm. Really?

SILVER SWAN with Suman. Well, maybe.

SILVER SWAN with Leche Flan..this is just...unthinkable.Barf!.

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