Saturday, November 28, 2015

27. ZOOM-ZOOM SUPERSHELL: The 1st Philippine Ad To Earn a Clio Citation

ZOOM ZOOM SUPERSHELL, Launch Print Ad, late 1968.
 In 1969, J. Walter Thompson Philippines produced what could be the first all-music commercial for Shell’s new gasoline product that would create a stir in the local airwaves and beyond. The one-minute ad featured new talent discovery Carl Onrubia dancing to a lively and catchy “Zoom-Zoom Supershell” full song, interspersed with shots of racing champion Joey Bundalian, speeding in an F1 car.

Credits: Mr. Jojo Bailon, aianchan80, published 9 Oct. 2017

“Zoom Zoom Supershell” carried the distinction as being the 1st Clio-cited  from the Philippines,  given at the CLIO Awards Presentation in New York,  during the 1970 American Television and Radio Commercials Festival.

It was cited for its contribution to the changing landscape of creative advertising landscape of the era, effectively using emotive elements for a gas ad campaign: “you car will feel like an F1 if you load up on Shell”.

Thirty three years years later, it was honored as one of the best 25 commercials of the Philippines aired over the last 25 years at the Pilipino Advertising Klasik Awards (PILAK)  in 2002 from the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines.

POSTSCRIPT: The Onrubia Sisters--Ces and Carl-- were popular campus figures in the late 60s, They went to school in Maryknoll and were among the first female cheerleaders of the Ateneo basketball team. Cecille  "Ces"  Onrubia married banker Sonny Jacinto, while Camille "Carl" Onrubia is now Mrs. Cruz.

AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson         /       CLIENT: Shell Phils.
Copywriter: Johnny Santos
Art Director: Senyong Atienza
Producer: Art de Guzman
Director: Tony Smith
Music: Polding Silos, Tiongco Brothers
Choreographer: Manny Zamora

aianchan80, Mr. Jojo Bailon


  1. Sir, was this ad shown in Black AND white or in Color?

  2. Hi Sir Alex, Sir Jojo Bailon just uploaded the Zoom Zoom Power TVC on his FB page...

    Also, aianchan80 reuploaded the said TVC on his/her YT channel...

    Hope you include any of these in your blog. :)

  3. Thanks, will fix this when I get back from my U.S. trip.

  4. Some corrections: the driver isn't driving an F1 vehicle. Judging by the commercial, he is driving a '67 Ford Mustang convertible. Pls edit.

  5. Pls. read the sentence again. It didn't say the driver was driving an F1. It says "Your car will feel like an F1 if you load up on Shell".

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