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66. LUX LADIES OF THE 1960s-75

LUX LADY. Marlene Daudén (b. 1941 in Philippines) is a top dramatic actress 
known for Gumuhong Bantayog (1960), Salamisim (1968) and Milarosa (1965). 
This  St. Scholastica graduate is married to Ernesto Hernaez. Print Ad, 1965.

LUX Beauty Soap was introduced way back in 1925,  a luxury soap made with costly French perfume that was behind the beauty of some of the glamorous stars of Hollywood—including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. 

Susan Hayward, 1953
Advertising showed ordinary looking women with direct references to lovely leading ladies from the era. It was the Philippine Refining Company (est. 1916, now Unilever Philippines), maker of familiar household items like Camia Cooking Oil, Ever  Fragrant Soap and Lifebuoy Health soap,  that launched the local Lux to the Philippine market in the early 50s.  By the mid 50s, Lux was a rising brand, a worthy competitor to Procter & Gamble PMC’s, Camay.

The first 50s black and white print ads featured both local and international movie stars. But in the 1960s, with J. Walter Thompson as the agency of Lux, advertising became more fresh and sophisticated, aligned with the U.S. campaign. Using Filipina movie stars as role models, Lux’s strategy was to build relevance by looking at beauty through the consumer’s eyes.  The print series that ran from the 60s to 70s featured these lovely celebrities who were then looked up as epitomes of beauty and elegance. 


Josephine Estrada (b.) was the Philippine representative to the 1962 Miss Universe Beauty Contest in Long Beach, California. She had also been  Miss Luzon (first runner-up) to Edita Vital in 1960 and was Miss Aviation of 1961. She became an actress and appeared in Apat na Kagandahan (1965), Gintong Recuerdo (1965) and Holiday in Bali (1962). 


Daisy Romualdez (b. 1938) is a Filipino-Spanish actress who  starred in many Sampaguita Pictures productions including Silveria (1958), Si Darna at ang Impakta (1963), Show of Shows (1964)and Hinango kita sa Lusak (1967). Married to basketball player Manny Paner, she has two showbiz  daughters,Kristina and Danita Paner. Her sister , Blanca Gomez, was a well-known 60s star.

Lux Lady, MAGGIE DELA RIVA, 1966

Maggie de la Riva (b.1942) is a Filipino movie actress, who has appeared in about 40 films. She was also a former Miss Caltex candidate and also dabbled in commercial modeling.  She is best remembered for the sensational rape case in 1967 involving sons of affluent families who were eventually convicted and executed. 


Liberty Ilagan (b. 1943) comes from a Philippine showbiz family which counts such luminaries as Director Gerardo de León (father), Robert Arevalo, Jay Ilagan (cousins), Tito Arévalo, Ángel Esmeralda, Eddie Ilagan (uncles). She was first married to Rod Ongpauco, a restaurateur, then to Carlos Lardizabal, a lawyer from Los Angeles, California.

Lux Lady, ROSEMARIE, 1968

Rosemarie Sonora (b. 1948) was a member of Sampaguita Pictures Stars ’66, a group of young love teams who appeared together in movies as Mga Bata ng Lagim (1963) and Jamboree 66. She was often paired with Pepito Rodriguez and Ricky Belmonte, whom she later married. Their children are: Sheryl, Renzo and Patrick Sonora.

Lux Lady, SUSAN ROCES, 1966

Susan Roces or  Jesusa Sonora (b.1941) is a superstar actress from the 60s. Bacolod-born Susan was known by several names—Manang Inday, Queenof the Philippine Movies, The Face that Refreshes.  She is the widow of action Fernando Poe, Jr. and mother of senator and presidential candidate,  Grace Poe. A sibling, Rosemarie, was also a 60s actress. She appeared in hit movies such as Amy, Susie and Tessie, Cover Girls (with rival Amalia Fuentes), and Patayin mo sa Sindak si Barbara. 

Lux Lady, AMALIA FUENTES, 1969

Amalia Fuentes (b. 1940), in her heyday, was the premiere star of Philippine cinema and was known as the local answer to Elizabeth Taylor.  She appeared in popular movies like Movie Fan (1956), Hahabol-Habol, (1957) and Ang Senyorito at ang Atsay (1963) She married her love team partner, Romeo Vasquez, with whom she had a daughter (+) Liezl, and later Joey Stevens, the father of her son Geric. A Muhlach, she is the aunt of actors Aga and Niño Muhlach.

Lux Lady, VILMA SANTOS, 1970

Vilma Santos (b. 1953), or Ate Vi, is a Filipino actress and politician. Launched in the 1963 movie “Trudis Liit” for which she won a FAMAS Best Child Performer Award, Santos was also known as Star for All Seasons,  Grand Slam Queen, and as the longest reigning Box Office queen of Philippine cinema. Santos is married to senator Ralph Recto and served as governor of Batangas, mayor of Lipa and now, Representative of the Lone District of Lipa. Her children  include Luis (with Edu Manzano) and Christian. 

Lux Lady, GLOIA DIAZ, 1975.

Gloria Diaz (b. 1951) is the country’s first Miss Universe, atitle she won in 1969. Adfter her reign, she became a movie star, appearing in “Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa” (1975) and popularizing the so-called “wet scenes”. She has since proven herself to be an excellent actress, with major acting awards to her name.

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