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47. BAGUIO OIL: “Order ni Mrs." Campaign, 1962

BAGUIO OIL 'ORDER NI MRS.', with movie stars, Nestor de Villa and Rod Navarro
as talents in this 1968 ad.

The country’s most popular kitchen brands in the 60s was BAGUIO EDIBLE OIL. It was first introduced to Filipino consumers in 1932 when the Cheng Ban Yek family established the International Oil Factory (IOF). It was the first locally owned cooking oil factory in the country with a modern plant in Binondo.

the ideal qualities of the cooking oil.

 Housewives quickly took to Baguio Oil’s superb qualities: the 100% coconut oil gave no “sebo” taste and no rancid smell. It can also be used many times—all the good “misis” did was to strain it after very use for another round of delectable cooking.

 Baguio Oil became so much in demand, that housewives asked for it by name. Hence, when it was time to launch its advertising in 1962, the brand latched on to the theme: “Order ni Mrs”—Baguio Oil. 

This 1968 print ad from the launch campaign, made use of movie talents Nestor de Villa and Rod Navarro as husbands shopping for cooking oil as ‘ordered by their Misis”.


 The campaign would be one of the most long-lasting for a kitchen brand. “Order ni Mrs” endured through the 70s, with refreshed executions done in 1972 by its ad agency, Atlas Promotions and Marketing.

IGOROT BOY TVC, the most well-known of the "Order ni Mrs." ads

 A series of TV spots were produced, “Husband” and “Igorot Boy”—with the last one becoming the most memorable what with a catchy jingle, arranged with an ethnic sound, and images of a young Igorot waiting for Baguio Oil delivery up the mountains.

 The “Order ni Mrs.” campaign arguably is one of the most successful and effective advertising campaigns for a local brand. Its tagline became so popular , it achieved a top-of-mind recall, and made Baguio Oil a household name. After more than 50 years—notwithstanding the advent of canola, soya, sunflower, corn and other new oils, Baguio Oil’s “Order ni Mrs.”, endures to this day,

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