Wednesday, November 18, 2015

23. Where Are They Now?: CHANTAL UMALI of Purefoods "Goodbye Carlo!"

CHANTAL UMALI discovers young love in this charming 1994 Purefoods TV ad, that endeared the cute, but chubby moppet to an adoring TV audience. This ad was voted as one of the Top 25 Classic Ads at the 4A's 2001 PILAK Awards.

 In 1994, one of the most delightful commercials that went on air was a Purefoods TVC that departed from the usual “product-the-hero” mode. In fact, it was unlike any Purefoods Hotdogs ad seen before. The quiet little scene begins with KC, in her room, on her diary her chanced meeting with her crush, Carlo.

“Carlo sat beside me today…” the girl’s thought voice began. Carlos, it seemed, had notice her cute chubbiness—“I ate too much kasi eh”, she shyly admitted. She vowed to say goodbye to chocolates…goodbye to spaghetti...but couldn’t get herself to say goodbye to the tender, juicy, meaty deliciousness of Purefoods Hotdogs. She chose instead to bid good bye to…Carlo!

The charming girl who portrayed KC  was a Chantal Umali. Her commercial for that now-classic commercial placed in the finals of the 1994 Creative Guild TV Ad of the Year. In 2001, the commercial was chosen as one of the winners of the 4As PILAK (Pilipino Advertising Klasiks)  Awards, honoring the top 25 classic ads of the Philippines—mga patalastas na walang wagas.

After conquering advertising , Chantal briefly joined showbiz and became part of the cast of the popular teen oriented TV series TGIS.

She put her showbiz career behind to become a happy wife and mom. Not only that, she has transformed from being the cute, chubby girl that we know from that famous Purefoods commercial into a healthy and fit yoga practitioner.

She continues to find work in commercials, but what keeps her busy is her work at Yoga Philippines in Parañaque as a yoga fitness instructor. 

Her battle-with-the-bulge success story has inspired many, and we are sure that even the makers of Purefoods Hotdogs will say yes to her beautiful change!

AGENCY: Lintas / CLIENT: Purefoods Corp.
Creative: Ompong Remigio / Producer: Cecille Labonete
Director: Mac Alejandre / 

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