Friday, November 6, 2015

18. What Teener Vilma Santos' Ideal Man Drinks: TANDUAY

Eighteen year old Ate Vi answers some personal questions in this Tanduay Distillery Ad, which featured the former child star. Many would question the choice of a young "Ate Vi" to endorse  a mature, macho drink like Tanduay, but let's read her interview before jumping into conclusions.

VILMA: First of all, my ideal man must be kind, thoughtful! 

INTERVIEWER: And how does he drink? 

VILMA: You know, my father has a Filipino saying about drinking. ..and he always reminds my brothers about it:”Sa tiyan ilagay ang alak—huwag sa ulo!”. My ideal man follows this…you see..that’s why he’s iginagalang, Even by those whom he drinks with. 

INTERVIEWER: Why does your ideal man drink, Vilma? 

VILMA: Aba! My ideal man should know how to drink! There’s bound to be drinking in social circles, right? And,let’s face it, I’m sure they serve drinks in Malacañang during State dinner—like when our country has to receive some foreign guests. 

INTERVIEWER: And what does your ideal man drink, Vilma? 

VILMA: You mean, my father? Well, he drinks Tanduay!

So, that's the punchline. Kagalang-galang na sagot!
Wala ka ng hahanapin pa--Tanduay!
Thank you, oh, so very much, Ate Vi!

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  1. Can you please also upload the previous Eskinol print ads of Ate Vi, in another article? Thanks!